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  • jueves 8 de abril de 2021

15 Becas de la cuota de inscripción a socios de Feseo para asistir al Congreso "XVII Abordaje Multidisciplinar del Cáncer" Días 20,21 y 22 de abril de 2021 en modalidad online.

Los interesados deberán enviar nombre y apellidos, sociedad a la que pertenecen a Tactics: congresos@tacticsmd.net

The Federation of Spanish Oncology Societies (FESEO) is a national stage federation, non-profit, and it is made up of the five Spanish oncology societies (ASEICA, SEHOP, SEOM, SEOQ and SEOR) and its objective is to promote interdisciplinarity among its societies as well as with entities outside the Federation.

FESEO publishes the journal Clinical & Translational Oncology, the Federation's organ of expression and to which all members of each of the societies that make up FESEO have free access. It is published entirely in English and has a monthly periodicity (12 issues per year); occasionally extraordinary issues are published dedicated to monographs of special interest to the oncological community and to numbers of congresses of the societies that integrate it. Clinical & Translational Oncology is being edited by Springer which guarantees the application of rigorous evaluation standards. This editing agreement allows works to be indexed from the moment they are published online, which helps to increase the Impact Index year after year.


The Federation of Spanish Oncology Societies (FESEO), formed by the Spanish oncology societies (ASEICA, SEHOP, SEOM, SEOQ and SEOR), publishes the journal Clinical and Translational Oncology.

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